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Our 'Philosophy'

At Hutton Bros we have always taken a long term view of our business and, having been established for 50 years, we feel this philosophy has worked well for us.

What do we mean by 'taking a long term view'?

Many garages, particularly main agents, judge their staff and pay their wages based upon their results on a month by month, and even a week to week basis.  This is why the turnover of employees is so high in the motor trade, particularly in the area of car sales.  If there is a downturn in business, someone usually pays the price!

The downside to this situation to you, as a customer, is not only that you rarely see the same person from one year to the next, but the person selling you a car has no interest in your long term satisfaction - his or her profit for that week/month is the most important factor on his/her mind.

At Hutton Bros we genuinely try to offer the very best advice based upon what our customer tells us they want.  The worst thing we can do is give you bad advice, sell you an inappropriate car and, consequently, lose you as a long term customer.

We achieve this by having no commission earning salesmen, just competent staff who have been with us for many, many years.  Matt will be cleaning and polishing cars when he isn't speaking to customers.  Darren manages our parts department in conjunction with his sales advisory role.  There is definitely no hard sell at Hutton Bros.

80% of our sales are to previous customers or have been referred to us by previous customers.

The long term view has cost benefits to us as well (which helps keep costs to you, the customer, down).  By working very hard to look after our current customers we don't have to spend a massive amount on advertising.  Many garages spend much more than 100,000 per year on marketing trying desperately to attract new customers!  We spend a tiny proportion of this - we would rather spend our money keeping the customers we have happy!  A man told me recently that, having bought a V70 from a main dealer some 60 miles away he returned a month after buying the car to have a headlamp bulb replaced - they not only charged him for the bulb but also charged him 15 to fit it!  He made it quite clear that it would be the last 15 they ever had off him.  We find this sort of attitude to customers staggering.

Hutton Bros and the local community

In addition to our Green Project we feel we have a responsibility to our local community and have therefore taken an interest in a number of  local projects over the years including sponsorship of the local football teams' shirts, local playgroup fund raising and sponsorship of one customers' marathon fund raising efforts.


Slingsby All Saints Church Tower Appeal


Hutton Bros were proud to sponsor long term customer Richard 'Dickie' Jeavons on his recent charity rally in aid of HELP FOR HEROES

help for heroes




  Our Cars

At Hutton Bros we stock as many as 70 pre-owned Volvos at any one time.  Please click HERE to view a selection of our current stock.  If you can't find what you're looking for please either e-mail on sales@huttonbros.co.uk or phone 01653 628030.    Stock is up-dated on a regular basis and the web site is generally more up to date than our other forms of advertising.  If you are thinking of buying a car but live a long way away see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS section which may help.

Our vehicles are located at our Slingsby garage - tel 01653 628030 for further details.  Click link for more detailed map.


Value for Money

We don't set out to be the cheapest place from which to buy a pre-owned Volvo.  We aim to offer the best value for money in terms of the vehicles themselves, the standard to which they are prepared  and the after -sales care that we provide.  Please take a look at some our customer's comments on our 'Quotes' page.

 Why Volvo?

At Hutton Bros we believe that Volvo motor cars offer exceptional value to the used car buyer who appreciates Volvo's core qualities of safety, reliability and durability.  Volvo motor cars, in our opinion, have always surpassed other marques in these key areas.  Some manufacturers produce excellent motor cars but they are either more expensive and of comparable quality, or less expensive, but of poorer quality.  Put us to the test!  The following video may be of interest....