Hutton Bros have been servicing and maintaining Volvo’s longer than almost any other Volvo garage in the UK!

Our service technicians regularly attend the Volvo Training Centre at Daventry, Northants. where they learn the very latest techniques and operate the latest diagnostic equipment to keep your Volvo running and peforming at its best. We recently returned from Volvos factory in Gothemburg where we learned about both current and future technology applicable to Volvo’s.

Our diagnostic equipment is exactly the same as that used by Volvo main agents (we link directly to Sweden via their VIDA system giving us access to software updates, technical helpdesk and more) and our collection of Volvo specialist tools is second to none – not only do we have the very latest equipment but we also have some ‘vintage’ Volvo tools as well!

Why use Hutton Bros instead of a Volvo main agent? Put simply we feel we offer premium service at a budget price! Your Volvo warranty is unaffected by having your car service at Hutton Bros because we carry out the same service, with the same parts etc but charge less. How do we do this? We operate out of comfortable, pleasant premisies in a lovely rural location but without the massive overheads of a modern main dealer.

The nature of modern cars is such that, whilst your local garage can change your oil and fit tyres etc, it is increasingly important to have the specialist knowledge to correctly maintain todays technologically advanced vehicles. We have recently replaced an engine for someone whose local garage had been using the wrong motor oil!

Give us a call on 01904 471607 and we’ll be happy to give you a quote or drop an email to